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"Teaching Hospital and Health System adopts Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud Leveraging Best Practices with Metaformers as their Strategic Partner"

What's in this case study?

When a teaching hospital and health system adopted Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud, they decided to leverage best practices with Metaformers as their strategic partner. This partnership demonstrates why our innovative, streamlined, and comprehensive recruiting and onboarding solutions prove to be incredibly valuable to our clients.

In this resource, you’ll learn more about how we helped transform the processes an organization that ranks 10th largest public healthcare system in the US and treats over 600,000 people per year. In particular, you’ll discover:

  • Some of the services utilized by the health system and exactly how they were beneficial 
  • More about our client and their role in your industry (so you can get a sense of how we may be able to help you, too)
  • What the experience was like working with Metaformers 
  • Results and future expectations for the long-term relationship
  • Modules adopted and integrations for an efficient, stress-free process
  • And beyond…

Why trust an advertisement? We much prefer seeing the proof that something is as good as it claims, as we imagine you do, too. That’s why we love whitepapers and case studies. They display results — the results that can only come from putting a service to the test. 


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