In both personal and professional life, we’re all about transformation. That’s why we dedicate so much of our time to giving back to the community. From helping our troops who provide us with the freedoms that we all enjoy every day to assisting the less fortunate, we’re always looking for ways to help and make a real impact.

Some of the events we have been involved in during, have included:

  • Building care packages for US troops deployed overseas
  • Clearing natural areas of invasive and destructive plant species
  • A helping hands community bake sale
  • Adopt a School
  • Creating greeting cards for nursing home residents
  • A golf tournament to raise funds for Down Syndrome

  • Howl-O-Weenie –
    dachshund rescue
  • Sleep in heavenly peace – building beds
  • World clean-up day
  • Build a park for the local community
  • Hurricane relief for the Bahamas
  • Meals for the homeless

We work, often with our customers, on community transformation events in every town/city we have a project in. Giving back to our communities is a part of who we are, and who we will always be.







Transforming Communities Everywhere


Both locally and across the country, our team likes to invest in projects that will do the most good. We provide transformative experiences for the volunteers themselves and those on the receiving end. When we all work together to bring change for the better, our various social initiatives continue to engage the community as a whole and create a feeling of unity. 


We have enjoyed every minute of getting involved in activities such as putting together care packages for soldiers, building beds, cleaning up parks, and more. “Habitat Heroes” have worked hard to improve a public trail by carefully removing invasive plants, while other “MetaVolunteers” assembled and decorated boxes with encouraging messages and canned foods for our overseas military.


At Meta, it is our goal to maximize our participation efforts—and encourage others to do the same—in order to truly transform the community.



Civic Engagement With CivicRush


Meta has developed a convenient, easy-to-use app to fuel a positive transformation in the community. We believe people always want to do more, but it’s not always clear how they can help and experiences aren’t always accessible. For this reason, we made our app absolutely free—for users as well as organizers—so that it’s easier for people to get involved and do what’s right. 


We made things as accessible as can be and provide the ability to integrate our app to your organization’s human capital management system. Now, everyone who wants to join us in this transformative community mission has the ability to do so with CivicRush. The app lists events and volunteer opportunities that are taking place in your area and has a feature to track your impact and share with others so they, in turn, can get excited. 


Recruiting people to join an effort has never been simpler or more fun. If you have an issue that you believe should garner more awareness but hasn’t yet been organized into solution events, you can even submit a report to explain why you think it should be more heavily discussed. Find like-minded people who enjoy giving back to the community in the same ways that you do and take part in activities that cater to your shared interests.

Find Out How Meta Can Help
Transform Your Community

If these sound like things that would engage and fulfill you—and that you might enjoy them as much as we do—get in touch! We’d be thrilled to share this mission with you. Again, the impact is so much greater when people work together. We believe the more helping hands there are, the faster communities everywhere will be propelled forward into a better future.